Korean Journal of Optometry and Vision Science 2011;10(1):56-62.
Published online June 20, 2011.
단안의 시력감소과 비전형적인 시야장애를 보인 뇌하수체 종양 1예
Department of Ophthalmology, St. Vincent's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Suwon, Korea
A Case of Pituitary Tumor with Unilateral Visual Disturbance and Atypical Visual Field Defect
Yang Kyeung Cho
We report a rare case of pituitary tumor showing decreased visual acuity and atypical visual field defect in one eye. Methods: A 65-year-old patient presented with decreasing visual acuity in right eye. There were mild cataratous change of lens in both eyes and no abnormal findings of retina and optic nerve in fundus examination except mild epiretinal membrane in left eye. And there showed an atypical constricted visual field and abnormal wave in visual evoked potential in right eye. Orbit CT was done to observe optic nerve lesion but there was no abnormality in optic nerve. But we found an abnormal enhancement in pituitary gland. Pituitary tumor was confirmed in brain MRI and the patient was undergone neurosurgical excision of tumor. Results: Pituitary tumor shows variable clinical signs and visual field defect. But signs confined to unilateral eye is rare and visual field defect such as our case is atypical. So ophthalmologists need more attention in diagnosis of patients with atypical visual field defect. (Korean J Optom Vis Sci 2011;10(1):56-62)
Key Words: Atypical visual field defect, Monocular visual disturbance, Pituitary tumor

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