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Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:67-104
Original Articles
Characteristics of Ocular Adnexal Mucosa-associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma after First-line Chemotherapy: a 7-year Experience
Sung Eun Kim, MD, Ji-Sun Paik, MD, PhD, Suk-Woo Yang, MD, PhD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:67-74
Perioperative Evaluation after Cataract Surgery in Patients Taking Antithrombotic Medication
Hae Rang Kim, MD, Kang Yeun Pak, MD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:75-80
Efficacy and Safety of iStent Trabecular Microbypass Stent in Open Angle Glaucoma in Korean
Sue Hey Chae, MD, Tae Heon Lee, MD, Kyung Heon Lee, MD, Jin Young Rhew, MD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:81-85
Measurement of Angle Lamda (λ) with Pentacam in Normal Controls and Anisometropia Patients
Sang Min Lee, MD, Helen Lew, MD, PhD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:86-90
Case Reports
Orbital Cellulitis and Orbital Abscess Secondary to Acute Dacryocystitis
Young Myoung Park, MD, Tae Eun Lee, MD, PhD, In Cheon You, MD, PhD, Nam Chun Cho, MD, PhD, Min Ahn, MD, PhD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:91-95
Merkel Cell Carcinoma Localized to Right Lower Eyelid
Tae Hoon Kim, MD, Chang Zoo Kim, MD, Seung Uk Lee, MD, PhD, Sang Joon Lee, MD, PhD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:96-99
Septo-optic Dysplasia Plus
Ju Heun Oh, MD, Mi Ra Park, MD, PhD
Ann Optom Contact Lens 2019;18:100-104
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